I love to use Markdown to write my notes to help me learn new things.

And sometimes, if I forget something, I can use my notes to help me remember how to do it.

But Markdown in a table or some layouts is not pretty to use, so I have to insert raw HTML to help me create a stunning table or some designs you want.

What a Shortcode is?

Hugo loves Markdown because of its simple content format, but there are times when Markdown falls short. Often, content authors are forced to add raw HTML (e.g., video <iframe>’s) to Markdown content. We think this contradicts the beautiful simplicity of Markdown’s syntax.

Hugo created shortcodes to circumvent these limitations.

Here is how to create your own custom shortcode to make that possible.

Add a shortcode template to your site in layouts/shortcodes/rawhtml.html, with the content below:

<!-- raw html -—>

This shortcode template tells Hugo to render the inner content passed to your shortcode directly into the HTML of your site.

You can use this shortcode in your .md file, it will like below:

    {{< rawhtml >}}
        <p class="speshal-fancy-custom">
            This is raw HTML, inside Markdown.
    {{< /rawhtml >}}