Checks your Git version

git --version

Settings your Git user name & email

git config --global "Andrew_Wu"
git config --global "[email protected]"

Checks your configurations

git config --list

Get Help

git help <command> #get help for a git command

Creates a new git repo

git init # create a new git repo, with data stored in the `.git` directory

Shows current repo status

git status #tells you what's going on

Adds files to stage

git add <filename> #adds seleted filename to stagin area
git add . #add all files to staging area

Creates a new commit

git commit
git commit -m "commit message" #-m means Message

Shows a log

git log #shows a flattened log of history
git log --all --graph --decorate #visualizes history as a DAG

Show changes

git diff <filename> #show changes you made relative to the staging area
git diff <revision> <filename> #shows differences in a file between snapshots


git checkout <revision> #updates HEAD and current branch
git branch #shows branches
git branch <name> #creates a branch
git branch -d <name> #deleted a branch
git checkout -b <name> #creates a branch and switches to it
same as git branch <name>; git checkout <name>


git merge <revision> #merges into current branch
git mergetool #use a fancy tool to help resolve merge conflicts
git rebase #rebase set of patches onto a new base
git rebase -i HEAD~3 #modify history commit records


git remote #list remotes
git remote add <name> <url> #add a remote
git push <remote> <local branch>:<remote branch> #send objects to reomote, and update reomte reference
git branch --set-upstream-to=<remote>/<remote branch> #set up correspondence between local and remote branch
git fetch #retrieve objects/references from a remote
git pull #Sync local and remote repos,same as git fetch; git merge
git clone #download repository form remote


git commit --amend #edit a commit's contents/message
git reset HEAD <file> #unstage a file
git checkout -- <file> #discard changes


git clown --depth=1 #shallow clone, without entire version history
git add -p #interactive staging
git blame #show who last edited which line
git stash #temporarily remove modifications to working directory
git bisect #binary search history (e.g. for regressions)
.gitignore #specify intentionally untracked files to ignore


Version Control (Git)

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